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Yes. Juniors / Under 18s are welcome to join our training sessions, recreational sessions and join in playing competitive games as members of our teams. For people aged 11-17 we are now able to provide training sessions too. Find the details about it here.

For junior specific coached sessions see the next FAQ.

We are a 100% volunteer-led volleyball club and unfortunately, we are not able to offer complete lessons for beginners to adults who want to learn to play volleyball at this point in time. All details related to this service are available on the Beginner adult volleyball sessions page. We welcome those who are interested in this service to fill in a Registration of Interest form, so we can let you know of any new opportunities that may arise.

However, we offer junior volleyball sessions for children aged 11 – 17 years old. The sessions are fun and inclusive junior volleyball session where all abilities are welcome. Please go to this page for the most up to date information about our junior sessions.

Is prior experience necessary? Depends on the session. We cater for all ages through different sessions but we are unable at the moment to welcome adult beginners. The only beginner-friendly sessions we have right now are for under 18s.

Are the sessions coached? Yes, we will have coaches on hand who will set up engaging routines and provide feedback in order for you to progress your game.

Are we going to play games? There will be mainly coached drills in order to learn skills/footwork and develop technique but there will definitely be some match play.

Do I need any special equipment? Any sports kit is suitable to wear, and the players just need indoor trainers. We do suggest that players purchase a set of kneepads as it’s helpful for when we do defence drills (they need to be fabric rather than hard skateboarding style), but these are not essential. Make sure you bring your own distinctive or marked full water bottle as during the Covid restrictions water fountains at venues may be out of service.

Can I sign up mid-term? Yes! The course is run in a 12 week block for registration/organisation but each session stands alone on different skills. If you join mid term you will only pay for the remaining sessions in the block. 

Can parents/carers stay and watch? Yes of course, that’s no problem!

How do I book? Go to Book A Session to book on to the Junior Sessions and make payment which will all be taken online. If you have any questions before booking use the Contact Us function on this site or get in touch via our facebook or instagram pages. See the U18 pages for the waiting list

We are sensitive to members personal data and ensuring that we use it responsibly. The Club has undertaken a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance assessment and implemented relevant policy and procedures in accordance with the Sport and Recreational Alliance policies and procedures.

  • we have an internal Data Protection Policy which applies to all our volunteers, staff, coaches and associates (copy below);
  • we also have a privacy policy which sets out how we might collect your personal data and the reasons we will use it for – a copy of this is also below;
  • if you have any questions about how we use your data and/or you would like the Club to cease using your personal data please email with the details.

If there is an accident inform the coach or organiser of the session asap. Make sure everyone is safe and enlist the support of sports centre staff or call the emergency services as appropriate.

If you have a comment or suggestion then either use the contact us form at the bottom of this website or contact a member of the Committee. We’d love to hear your suggestions or ideas.

Pass it to your team captain or use the contact us form at the bottom of the website to submit it straight to us and we’ll upload to the website.

The Club is a member of Volleyball England (the governing body for volleyball in England). We follow Volleyball England’s guidance on running our Club. We have a Committee which is elected at the AGM each year. The Committee meet regularly to shape the direction of the Club and address issues facing the Club. You can see details of the current committee here.

All of the Club’s activities (and those of every member) are governed by the Club’s constitution which is set out in the Club Handbook and Welcome Pack – available here.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities at the Club. These include:

  • scoring and line judging at home games;
  • writing match reports;
  • updating the website and social media profiles;
  • keeping match statistics;
  • helping with the organising of teams (such as match confirmations, booking venues);
  • running the Club tournament;
  • keeping the accounts;
  • coaching; and
  • we’re always on the lookout for volunteers and keen to hear your ideas of how you can use your skills to help!

Get in touch with any member of the committee to get involved!

Club membership brings a range of benefits:

  • insurance via Volleyball England;
  • opportunity to play volleyball as part of a large Club – both for a team and also to join in at Club nights (Mondays);
  • opportunity to attend Club socials;
  • discounted physio treatment at Centre AT7 – more details below.

Cost with Riga discount: – initial consultation (£30). Each treatment thereafter £14.50 (which is a discount from £20).

The physio can be booked at either Centre AT7 – or at Nuneaton clinic –

In order to book – mention Riga at the time of booking and discuss the discount etc.

The Club has a range of qualified coaches and is always keen to encourage its members to attend coaching courses so that they can pass on the benefit of their experience to other members of the Club.

If you would be interested in passing on the benefit of your coaching skills to members of the Club we’d love to hear from you – please use the contact us function to see how you can get involved.

Current qualified coaches within the Club are:

  • Tom Young – level 2
  • John Boughton (club night coach) – level 2
  • Jon Chetham – level 3 (womens NVL coach)
  • Nick Chemin – level 1 (womens WM coach)
  • Anca Dunn – level 1 (womens WM coach)
  • Tom Young junior – level 1
  • John Gilling – level 1
  • Janis Kolosovkis – level 1
  • Hannah Dodd – level 1
  • Alex Smith – level 2
  • Jackie Greef – level 1

We also have a number of qualified referees. At present this includes:

  • John Boughton (Grade III)
  • Andy Collins (Grade IV)
  • Chris Nason (Grade III)
  • Sophie Lomax (Grade IV)
  • Clare Francis (Grade IV)
  • Chris Jones (Grade IV)
  • Anca Dunn (Grade IV)
  • Jon Chetham (Grade IIIR)
  • Lewis Messam (Grade IV)
  • Gary Lomax (Grade IV)
  • Janis Kolosovkis (Grade IV)
  • Miriam Anderson (Grade IV)
  • Netti Purkiss (Grade IV)

and plenty of members who can help with the scoring (Clare and Chris both hold the scorer’s award qualification too and Chris line judge accreditation).

At the present time, Riga does not have the facilities or infrastructure to offer sitting volleyball itself. For more information about the sport and to find your nearest Sitting Volleyball Club please see the Sitting Volleyball Section of the VE website.

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Use the Amazon search box if it’s available to you, please be aware that some browsers do not display it, and enter your search item into the box, then press return or click “go”. If the box is not visible, simply use the link in the footer of the website which will open a new window in your browser.

This will take you through to and then you can search and shop as normal. When you select your purchase and check out, your order will be logged to Riga. Once you have paid and had your order delivered Riga will then receive a commission of 5% of the purchase price (excluding delivery).

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Will Riga know what I have bought?
No, we cannot see what you personally have purchased.

What if I want to buy something else once I’ve accessed Amazon?
No problem. So long as it’s the same browser session it will still count (e.g. if your initial search is for “volleyball”, but end up buying an Elton John CD it will still count).

What if I return my goods later?
Amazon will deal with any refund you are entitled to under your contract with Amazon and any commission earned will automatically be refunded to Amazon.

Will it cost me more?
No, the cost to you will be the same. Amazon simply credits Riga a small commission for introducing you as a buyer. It also costs the Club nothing to run.