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NVL Ladies end season on a high

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The ladies played Team Sunderland who are pushing to finish second in the league. It was always going to be a tough game but the girls had a goal to have beat everyone in the league once during the season save for league champions Sheffield.

The girls shot out the blocks immediately applying the pressure. Sunderland called a time out at 2-7 down but could not disrupt Clare's run of 6 serves as Riga took an 11-2 lead. From there Riga were in control with Julie and Enrica commanding the pass giving Clare options to find Alex and Sophie who hit clean winners. Excellent blocking from Mim and Sylwia kept up the pressure and Sunderland's second time out came at 8-22. Riga took the set 25-10.

The second set started in a similar fashion as Riga stormed to an 8-0 lead on Mim's serve. Karolina came on through the middle and had an impact with clever points. Jackie provided a strong attack through four. Sunderland fought back harder with a long run of serves where the Riga passing unit faltered. But Jules got it back under control and a slide from Mim and good back court attacking from Sophie Riga took the set 25-19.

In the third set fortunes changed and it was Sunderland that took a 6-0 lead as complacency struck in the passing unit. Riga took a time out at 20-10 down and with coach Jons words ringing in their ears the girls returned to court determined to close the gap. Strong serving from Clare and Sylwia saw the girls change the momentum as the team spirit shone through and the girls fought for every single point. It paid off as Sunderland needed to time outs to try and stop the Riga resurgence and to finally take the set 25-19.

In the 4th set Riga were even more determined. The passing unit gelled enabling Clare to use all options and find Sylwia in the middle. Strong all round attacking and excellent blocking from Mim and Sylwia saw the girls get an early lead. Sunderland fought back but Riga adapted well to their change of rotation mixing things up to keep the pressure on and to finally take the set and the match 25-22.

A great end to the season and a great demonstration of why Coach Jon is Coach of the Year! The girls then supported the men's game before heading off for their end of season bash kindly hosted by Alex.

MVP - Mim

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