Saturday, 19 March 2016 22:09

Women left in the dark!

Written by Jon Chetham
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Riga’s run of 3 league wins in a row came to an abrupt end against Darkstar Derby. After the drama of a 20 minute delay while the sports centre staff retrieved the net from another venue, Derby quickly imposed themselves with strong hitting in the middle and outside.

Riga struggled on serve receive and threw in some service errors for good measure. Despite three kills from Sophie they succumbed 12-25. The start of the second set was more competitive with Riga serving well and showing some fight in defence. Riga led 12-11 but then came unstuck against Maria Bertelli’s serve. Unable to set-up any meaningful attacks, Riga fed Derby with a series of free balls which the visitors spikers put away clinically. The set was lost 15-25.

After more early serve receive problems, Riga were left chasing the third set. Determined defence meant that the rallies were much longer and more exciting but generally the visitors came out on top. In one marathon point, Mim made 2 hits and 4 blocks, and Sophie, Netti and Clare all dived to keep the ball alive. However, it was all to no avail as Derby closed out the match 14-25.

MVP - Sophie

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