How do I help raise money via Amazon?

When you shop at Amazon.co.uk you can now earn Riga Volleyball Club a small commission on every purchase!  Helping the Club's funds as you shop – what more could you want!

Simply go to www.rigavolleyball.com and enter your search item into the box on the bottom left of any page then press return or click "go".

This will take you through to Amazon.co.uk and then you can search and shop as normal.  When you select your purchase and check out, your order will be logged to Riga.  Once you have paid and had your order delivered Riga will then receive a commission of 5% of the purchase price (excluding delivery).

If you log out before you buy, then you will need to enter Amazon via the Riga website again for Riga to earn commission on your purchase.  Therefore, simply start from Riga each time you want to access Amazon.


Will Riga know what I have bought?   No, we cannot see what you personally have purchased.

What if I want to buy something else once I've accessed Amazon?  No problem.  So long as   it’s the same browser session it will still count (e.g. if your initial search is for "volleyball", but end up buying an Elton John CD it will still count).

What if I return my goods later?  Amazon will deal with any refund you are entitled to under your contract with Amazon and any commission earned will automatically be refunded to Amazon.

Will it cost me more?  No, the cost to you will be the same.  Amazon simply credits Riga a small commission for introducing you as a buyer.  It also costs the Club nothing to run.