Does the Club have qualified coaches and referees?

The Club has a range of qualified coaches and is always keen to encourage its members to attend coaching courses so that they can pass on the benefit of their experience to other members of the Club. Details  If you would be interested in passing on the benefit of your coaching skills to members of the Club we'd love to hear from you - please use the contact us function to see how you can get involved.

Current qualified coaches within the Club are:-

  • Tom Young  - level 2
  • John Boughton (club night coach) - level 2
  • Jon Chetham - level 3 (womens NVL coach)
  • Nick Chemin - level 1 (womens WM coach)
  • Anca Dunn - level 1 (womens WM coach)
  • Tom Young junior - level 1
  • John Gilling - level 1
  • Janis Kolosovkis - level 1
  • Hannah Dodd - level 1
  • Alex Smith - level 2
  • Jackie Greef -level 1

We also have a number of qualified referees. At present this includes:-

  • John Boughton (Grade III)
  • Andy Collins (Grade IV)
  • Chris Nason (Grade III)
  • Sophie Lomax (Grade IV)
  • Clare Francis (Grade IV)
  • Chris Jones (Grade IV)
  • Anca Dunn (Grade IV)
  • Jon Chetham (Grade IIIR)
  • Lewis Messam (Grade IV)
  • Gary Lomax (Grade IV)
  • Janis Kolosovkis (Grade IV)
  • Miriam Anderson (Grade IV)
  • Netti Purkiss (Grade IV)

and plenty of members who can help with the scoring (Clare and Chris both hold the scorer's award qualification too and Chris line judge accreditation).