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Mens Team Manager

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Other information:


To co-ordinate the fixtures of a particular team within Riga Volleyball Club and to have general responsibility for day to day issues affecting that team.


  • Good verbal and written skills
  • Access to a word processor is desirable
  • Good organisational skills


  • Be main team contact with VE National Office, receiving all player & competition correspondence (electronic & paper). 
  • Fixture Confirmation - draft fixtures released in May (approx.), liaise between players, coaches, venues & other team secretaries (both within Riga & other clubs) to confirm final set of fixtures. 
  • Player Registration - Official registration with VE.  Organising player transfers (in & out). 
  • Referee Appointment - Referees to be organised if not already been appointed by VE. 
  • Match Confirmation (Home Matches) - Confirming each NVL match (& Cup) between 21 & 14 days prior to match date in writing or email.
    • Confirmation to be sent to opposing team secretary, both referees, divisional commissioner (competitions commissioner for Cup games).
    • To Be Confirmed - Date of match, Venue, Travel Directions, Warm-up & Start Times, Availability of Post Match Refreshments. 
  • Scorer & Line Judges - Organise competent scorer & line judges for all home matches (2 line judges are required for EVERY match). 
  • Player Registration Cards - Making player registration cards available at start of EVERY match (NVL & Cup) to referees & match scorer.  If applicable, informing referees of any players ‘playing up’. 
  • Post Match Results (Home Matches) - Contacting VE results service (phone) as soon after conclusion of match as possible, relaying overall result, set scores, name of competition and match number.  Posting the top white copy of the match score sheet to VE National Office as soon after conclusion of match as possible.


  • Attend the AGM and any other meetings, dealing with any matters that arise. 
  • Player Liaison - Provide players with any information that is required - e.g. fixtures, venue directions, committee decisions (if appropriate).  Also act as first contact with regards to EVERY players subscription costs. 
  • Sports Hall Booking - Confirm dates & times for all training sessions & matches for forthcoming year.  At same time, confirming any additional equipment required for matches and
    any post match food, if applicable. 
  • Match Reports - Organise the writing of match reports as soon after conclusion of match as possible.  Match reports are then published on clubs website & in local press.


Attend the AGM and other club meetings, deal with team specific issues as and when they arise and support the development of the team.